Wednesday, September 21, 2005

School Report

I went to the Open House at the boys' school today. Looks like they're both doing pretty well. I didn't get to meet all their teachers, due to the awkward system they have set up - they schedule a 10-minute block for each class, and you have to basically follow the child's schedule around to all their classes to see all the teachers. Since no arrangements were made to allow for one parent attending for two children, I had to pick and choose a bit on which teachers to meet.

I met three of Michael's teachers, for his Spanish, History, and Physics classes. All three seemed to think he's a pretty smart kid, and told me he should have no problem making up for missing four days last week. His Spanish teacher was especially enthusiastic - not so much about Michael, just enthusiastic in general.

I met the teachers for David's Chemistry, Algebra, French, and Creative Writing classes. They seemed pretty impressed with David. I nearly made his Creative Writing teacher cry when I told her that he was more enthusiastic about her class than he had ever been about anything in his life. As it happens, he likes that teacher, but that's not why he's so excited - he's been pumped up about this class from BEFORE the first day of school! Would you believe he's working on a novel?

At any rate, they both seem to be doing well, which was very gratifying. I know they're smart, of course...with a mom like theirs, they could hardly help it, and I like to think I'm not totally stupid, myself. But it's always nice to have other people agree with me...and even better to see that they're applying themselves well enough to make that intelligence apparent!

As an aside...if anyone is actually reading this blog, I'd love to get a comment once in awhile, just to let me know if I'm wasting my time!

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